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Silver Breast milk round pendent - Add lock of hair, name or fleck

Silver Breast milk round pendent - Add lock of hair, name or fleck

DNA Keepsake artist | specialising in Preserving ashes, locks of hair, material, flowers and Breast milk to create Unique jewellery ๐Ÿ’›

This sterling silver pendent is simple, elegant and subtle. Filled with your professionally preserved breast milk and sealed with high quality resin this pendent is a beautiful reminder of your breast feeding journey.  The pendent measures 20mm. Additional add ons such a lock of hair, gold silver or copper flecks or a name are available. 

Please note that each breast milk Jewellery keepsake we create is unique in colour. We use the natural colour of your milk only, so no two will ever be the same! Some are more creamy, some more white, some pale and some are even shades of blue/green.  How amazing is that! ๐Ÿ’›

For a Breastmilk keepsake we will need you to send us 1/2 an oz of the milk per charm. Details on safely sending us your inclusions will come through via email once you have ordered. Please read our Terms and conditions in regards to our refunds and returns policy as well as our maximum turn around time. (Most Keepsakes are completed in 6-8 but we have a maximum of a 8 week turnaround) (This is from the date we receive your inclusions and does not include postage time)
50 GBP